Thursday, 10 January 2019

Wellness Quiz authored by Gloria Ramsbottom consists of five questions

Take 5

Wellness is (sort of) one of the most important issues that an HR lady deals with, the other issues being data mining, sniffing around like a sustainable bloodhound, performance reviews, blockchains, AI and self promotion.

You cannot improve anything without measuring it-that's pretty basic, if you ask me. So drawing on my experience, my expertise and my feline instincts, I assembled the following questionnaire to provide a base line measurement of wellness.

1) Are you willing to text whilst driving when you receive a text message (or Whatapp) from your boss?

2) Are you willing to eat pizza (after 11 pm) and work all night long for 5 weeks straight in order to meet pressing deadlines and wow stretch goals?

3) Whilst relieving oneself in the toilet, are you willing and able to handle a call from an angry client?

4) Do you need to be at home to have intimate relations (aka sex) with your partner?

5) Are your parents dead yet? If they aren't, do they have enough money to care for themselves or hire a Filipino caretaker as they prepare to cross the yellow river, or are they dependant on you?

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