Sunday 18 August 2013

OD is brain dead

Glo, Cynthia and Hugh White (too White to be seen)
drive vendor less OD

We ladies of HR are in a new age of liberation from OD oppression. OD is dead, Mai oui! And having worked with many OD consultants, from the best to the worst, I am titillated that OD is totally dead. Here is some data driven "proof of death".

1) My favourite HR site (which provides agile and sustainable thought leadership to all its stakeholders) sent me a great text message about the importance of formulating a weekly strategy. 
Within one week, all our company employees (supported by Cynthia Axe) had formulated a sustainable weekly strategy, without any OD consultant.

2) One year ago, this very same site that sent me a critical life-changing text which advised me to use the term "in a timely fashion" 5 times a week, and to be generous with the  use of the term "global and sustainable". Furthermore the site issued a text about the importance of the daily use of the term "in line with our core values. "  

All of the above was implemented without OD meddling, or coaching, or change management.
What has replaced OD?

2) Agile, sustainable, evidence driven, professional HR business partnership.
4) Outdoor axe-periences
5) Cost effective coaching done by plumbers and electricians, who rewire the brain and release "thought blockages".

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  1. I think HR means "hour" in some dictionaries.

  2. Mr Lawrence Scott
    An hour is a LONG time in my book.
    Shevat, btw, sells hours.

  3. OD may be dead in your organization, Gloria, but it can never be replaced by your prattles. Why? Because: Groups and teams will always go through predictable stages of development. Nasty conflicts will always need to be resolved with assistance from someone neutral about outcomes. Major change will always need to be mid-wifed by an 'inside-outside' partnership. Lemme see you do THAT!


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