Monday 8 July 2013

Search for a "Reputation Management" vendor for Cynthia Axe

Axe Cynthia leads our Early Bird Retirement Plan, aka "Life begins at 38".
In her brief lifetime, Axe has fired 700 people with her bare hands, and gone thru 2 Iphones which broke down due to too much texting.

During recent "industrial action" by the useless, ungrateful bums in Engineering, urged on by a bitter Winston Wu from IT, Ms Axe has become the source of abuse.

Ms Axe rendered her resignation today, based on input from her life partner (of a week), K. Ray Beauregard-Goldstein, who has a hyphenated name as well as a mixed ethnic background. He is from Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada. (not Toronto)

I immediately refused to ax-cept her resignation (given the grisly tasks that await her in Q3) and I gave her a new Samsung Galaxy tablet, as well as a new Blackberry Z10.

I offered her "reputation coaching" to change "the percerptions of her work by staff". She grabbed it with both of her white hands.

Being American, Axe speaks only English; she used to work in technical presales. The coach needs reasonable English, although Axe has lots of inter-axe-tion with many people whom she hardly understands.

You can apply for the coaching role by leaving a message. Deferred payment by barter.

1 comment:

  1. I speak in many tongues - will make an axe-cellent coach.


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