Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Chief nerd Comrade Carl Marks dressed up as General Fredrich Von Paulus.

Keeping abreast of Ms Axe

Tonight we all celebrated Halloween, in line with our core values of celebrating global American holidays. If you ask me, for a few minutes in time, we all became one big happy family. It was as if we all lived in Denmark.

Ms Axe dressed up as a bar-tender, which was not difficult because that's the way she dresses most days. However, she was more daring than usual. Our CEO Stan was noted keeping abreast of Ms Axe, in line with our core values of keeping abreast.

The head of our Diversity Department, Hugh White, dressed up a senior VP of HR. He spoke with a Canadian accent (noticeable in the words out, house and about) and claimed that his father's name was Pierre Elliot. Hugh's grave error of dressing in such an uppity fashion is ok on Halloween. Tomorrow (manana) will be a grim day for white, straight Hugh.

Chief nerd Comrade Carl Marks dressed up as General Fredrich Von Paulus. For heaven sake, why would anyone do that? I learnt that Von Paulus had asked for a visa to enter Stalingrad but was denied entry way back in the Korean War. Or something like that. History was not my forte; HR is my forte. Forte is a French word.

One of our half baked customer service bots dressed up as a centre of knowledge, but failed to develop any compassion to our gruntled customers.

CEO Stan dressed up as a successful executive whose chief concern is people. I thought that this was grand on his part. From an HR perspective.

I dressed up as a Spanish HR manager. I had supper at 11 pm and slept all afternoon before the party. I granted my team autonomy and then renounced it

Stan's private chef, K Ray Beauregard-Goldstein who cooks cost-effective lasagna and who has mixed ethnicity, dressed up as a Trump supporter with a red hat and fat pork belly. Comrade Carl, who had had too much to drink, lost it for a moment and knocked out two of K-Ray's front teeth. That was non wow.

Lost it
After the party, CEO Stan asked me if I had  'perhaps taken a picture of a certain Ms Cynthia Axe''.  I obliged. Stan called me 'a great business partner'

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