Sunday, 20 November 2016

What legacy should an HR leader leave behind

My legacy

It is only natural that senior leaders often ponder what legacy they will leave behind when they get retire or get axed. I have thought about this as well, although let's be honest, no one is going to kick me out.

I am a practical gal and I value brevity as well, from an HR perspective. So here is the essence of my expected legacy-

1) HR is involved in every single decision; no one should take a dump without HR signing off. Sorry about  being crude, but my Dad used to use that "dump" term all the time. My Mom used to get very angry when he said that. But it did not deter him, ciboire, Mais non! 

2)  Slogan usage by the masses increases exponentially. I was never good in math, but I do know that exponential is a good thing. Much better than incremental, from an HR perspective. Ultimately, the word data should appear in most slogans.

3) The HR leader sits right next to the CEO at the management table, which is made of mahogany. At times, they smile at one another during strategic discussions and exchange messages by Whatapp.

Btw, I have achieved 97% of my legacy. But Stan our CEO does not use Whatsapp. (Stan read that Danes don`t use Whatsapp, and that`s why they are all so happy).


  1. Slogans on WhatsApp are encrypted, so both sides can lie as much as they want. Make sure IT doesn't have the back door to your device, though.

    1. Mon cher Paul
      Thank you for the heads up on Whatsapp, from an HR perspective. Did you notice that I often use "from an HR perspective?