Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Trump Era-dealing with illegal employees

Justice has been served, kibinimat

Our chief nerd Comrade Carl Marks sent me a Whatsapp message today. "Gloria, I am delighted that Trump has been elected. Kibinimat, justice has been served. However, we have 90 nerds working for us who are illegal immigrants; my guess is that they will be booted out. 70 are named Svetlana, 98% don't speak English, and all of them are cheap labour. Please deal with this so that we can meet our deadlines. Spasiba (which means merci)  and with love-Comrade Carl.  PS You are a great gal!".

Just last week, Comrade Carl told me that Clinton helped disassemble Libya whilst "Trump's  wife is a piece of ass". My Dad always used that expression, but not when describing Mom. 
The comrade did admit that Trump " needs a brain transplant, but they are too expensive in the USA, kibinimat." 

Comrade Carl sure left me with the dirty end of the stick as far as these illegals are concerned. So I sent a Whatsapp to the straight white boy who heads Diversity, Hugh White. I asked for some big data and recommendations.

Hugh sent me the following Whatsapp: "80% of the illegal immigrants are straight. 8% of the Vlads speak both Ukrainian and Russian. 100% of the illegals are illegal, from a legal point of view. 19 of the illegals take Cipralex."

Hugh has been working for me for years and uses "point of view" quite often. Hugh continued, "As far as what to do, I defer to your judgement. Tak. Hugh."


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