Thursday, 27 October 2016

The 3 very best leadership webinars

Free-Gratis- חינם

"No one pays for knowledge anymore". This is a self evident truth. 

In the hope of generating revenue, hungry OD vendors, trainers, snake-oil salespeople and change managers provide free webinars.The goal of these free webinars is to tease the naive viewer into buying yet a second webinar. 

Often a free webinar can consist of several bear traps to spend money, bear traps (piege a ours)  being a term my late Dad used to use.

However, since no one should pays for knowledge anymore, I want to provide a list of guidelines regarding how to choose the best free leadership webinar available.

1) It must be brief. I would say 90 seconds is optimum.
2) It should provide free tips. May I suggest 3 tips as a minimum.
3) The presenter should speak the Queens English, and have a name that is pronounceable.
4) The webinar should also provide a free book as an incentive for attending.
5) The webinar should be tailored to your organization for free.

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