Tuesday, 25 October 2016

A note from the author of the Gloria Blog

From a modest start of 15 visitors a day 4 years ago,  1200 people a day now visit the Gloria blog daily. 

Readership, approaching 600,000 hits, is worldwide and each week the blog gets about 20 new subscribers.
I get many private emails which ask the same questions, so I will answer them publicly:

a-My inspiration comes from situations I encounter in my work as a consultant; I also get many ideas from reading HR blogs. Some of the stories I tell are  very real events.

b-Gloria is not based on one person, but is an aggregate of many  HR ladies-pathological texters, geographically challenged, "keep it short" freaks , and mass executioners, as well as buyers etc who have found themselves in an HR role. 
Stan is a very real person and he loves the blog. He is a hyphenated Canadian.
Comrade Carl is based on 5 people, all of whom love the blog as well.
I do NOT speak Russian, but I do speak reasonable Quebec French.

c-I work with many top notch HR people who themselves give me ideas for this blog. Some of the wildest ideas have come from HR people. This blog has in no way negatively impacted my excellent working relationship with senior HR people. Quite the opposite.

d-I write the blog mainly for myself. I love rereading my own postings.

Finally, a word of thanks. Thank you for reading the blog, thank you for posting it on twitter and fb, thank you for encouraging me. And keep spreading the word.


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