Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Gloria's organizational climate and culture survey - free for the public at large

5 questions

Worldwide, there are HR managers, consultants and snake oil salespeople searching for agile and sustainable tools to monitor organizational health and measure the deviance of the average nerd from the espoused culture.

Folks fork out thousands of dollars, even Euros, to buy these survey technologies and get certified.

And I say "kibinimat, enough is enough. I need to put my money where my mouth is, and if I am the first lady of HR, I need to give away things. Screw revenue; reputation is everything.

So I am giving away my organizational climate and culture survey, which consists of 5 questions and takes 6 seconds to fill out. One of the questions is, "does your CEO have white skin and grey hair, and is your switchboard aligned with diversity?".

To get the other five questions all you need to do is transfer 1000 Euros to cover handling costs, and then re-tweet 100 of my posts 200 times daily, for a week.

The survey is in English, and because of the thousands of people who have already used this tool, I can vouch that even if your staff has  heavy foreign accents, the survey is valid. (98.7%)


  1. The real money is made coaching senior management how to spin plunging results or a dead cat bounce compared to last year.