Thursday, 14 April 2016

3 agile and sustainable principles of Change Management

Democracy or Idiocracy?

Change management is not rocket science.  Believe you me!

And if you manage to implement a few changes successfully focusing on user experience, you can join the inner circle of decision makers ensuring that your ass remains on the right side of the bow and arrow, as my Dad used to say.

Dad (Pierre Elliot) tended to be graphic at times.

I have implemented 2743 reorganizations in the last 5 years, all of which moved us closer to achieving our goals, so to speak. I say “so to speak” because we have not yet achieved our goals.

Last week, Comrade Carl Marks (our chief nerd) and I were having lunch, discussing CEO Stan's hemorrhoids and change management. 
The inebriated Comrade questioned the wisdom of the west having assisted in knocking off  Qaddafi. “Gloria,” said Comrade Carl, “any change manager would have been smarter than Obama and the naïve Europeans. Libya turned into a 3rd world shit hole, run by 3 competing parallel militias after Qaddafi was ousted, just because a bunch of French and American tree huggers wanted to develop democracy in the desert, kibinimat 

When Carl finished his diatribe, dessert arrived. And whilst (British term) I did not follow  Comrade Carl's observations on change management because I was texting my sister, I did remember my three major guidelines vis a vis (French) managing complex change.
  •      Be involved in everything and own nothing. (driver-less HR)
  •      Make sure that that there is someone to blame. (Our German CFO always says, I am not bplaming anyone, it is tsjust vat ze numbers are zaying")
  •    Honour the term “alignment” that your days will be long upon the Earth.

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  1. instead of driver less HR the up to date definition should be autonomous hr:(