Saturday, 2 January 2016

My one new year's resolution for 2016

HR business partnership enhanced-I aim to please

Flying back from Canada the States to resume my role of senior vice president of HR, my Blackberry was turned off and I had time to think-what am I really committed to change in 2016?

Many ideas flew thru my mind, a PhD in Data Mining, an MS in Computer Science, developing my linguistic skills in German, perfecting my Danish, better manage my narcissism  or perhaps find a husband so that Mama stops nagging.
Whilst all these ideas have merit, I decided to focus on one goal for 2016, in line with my core value of having a core value.

My resolution is to have our employees pay us for the opportunity of working.

Fulfillment of this resolution will fulfill 3 needs.

  1.   Nerds will be able to add value to their CV, thus developing more employability.
  2.     HR will enhance its standing as business partner. (People Day will continue to happen every 3rd Wednesday)
  3.    I will generate lots of charts (and big data) towards the end of 2016, which will enhance my thought leadership.

HR will charge $50 to read a resume, which is a French word. And once accepted to work, an employee will pay us $3000 a month. We will provide work & coffee machine, as well as HR business partnership, at a low cost of $6 per case, if you have a yearly subscription, which costs $200 a month.

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