Saturday, 17 October 2015

Improve User Experience via Digital Detox

Client focus
Comrade Carl Marks, our chief nerd whose has recently changed his job title to VP of Technological Excellence and User Experience, explained to the leadership team how our clients provide feedback about their experience with our new software product release.

Carl’s exacts words were, “50% of our clients don’t know their ass from their elbow, 78% use Whatsapp to ask for tier 1 support 4 times a day instead of using common sense, and 25% have no complaints whatsoever, because they are on the take”.

Comrade Carl pulled out a flask on brandy, offered us all a drink, and continued. (My readers may want to note that I did not drink anything in line with my core value of sobriety and total control.)

And Carl continued, “If our clients were to undergo digital detox or smoke a joint, our experience of their user experience would improve drastically. ”

CEO Stan, who had been texting his wife stopped Carl in his tracks. “Comrade Carl, what kind of bullshit is that? Digital detox for users-are you fucking crazy Carl? Are your medications balanced?”

Comrade Carl looked me in the eyes, after first looking at my legs. “Gloria, Stan's ignorance is an HR problem. I know for a fact that client-focused digital detox eliminates a false sense of urgency that clients may experience. Just "go to work on Stan" to change his mind, kibinimat.” Then Carl walked out of the room, singing a ditty in Russian, Tsupchik.

If you ask me, I do know that the sophisticated  French are way ahead of the pack on digital detox. Perhaps I can put together a solution, in line with my core value of  "HR as solution architect.”

My Dad always used to use the term “ahead of the pack”, when he was referring to me.

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