Monday, 29 June 2015

Client Success Officer

It's all about technology in context

Wifey (our CEO Stan's better half) read on article on the importance of hiring a Client Success Officer with a British accent at the corporate level. Wifey forwarded this article to all our leadership, and the first to read the article was none other than Comrade Carl Marks, our chief nerd.

I skimmed the article because it was 3 pages long, in line with my core value of skimming. The author explains that since the client success officer work focuses on shepherding a wow user experience end to end, minor technological and relationship "bugs" are mitigated and put into context. 

I may add that the author of the article is a coach who used to deal in faith healing and served as an economic consultant to Greece, which was in Europe.

Comrade Carl asked me by email (with a cc to Stan) to have this article translated into Chinese, Russian, Hindi. Furthermore, the Comrade added,

"Gloria, for far too long Management, Sales and HR have been pinning the blame on R&D . Our product is a pearl and our nerds should bare no blame for the "end to end context into which our technology is plugged".  All the organization should atone for the animosity to R&D, especially HR which is useless if you ask me".

Comrade Carl added a PS, which means post script which is not French.

"The situation of the average Greek is also unbearable. The capitalist pigs are ripping the flesh off the carcass, pretty much like bankers do all over the world. I suggest that employees from Finance, HR and Supply Chain all donate their yearly bonus to the Bank of Greece' s coffers. My nerds and I do not earn enough; otherwise we too would make a donation. Spasiba. Comrade Carl Marks (PPS: you have lovely legs).

I am going to visit Denmark when I get a bonus. or Scotland

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