Thursday, 26 February 2015

Which emails is it cool to ignore?

Foremost, I am the HR VP of a" people" company.
Readers of this blog all over the world know - people is my middle name on Tuesdays, every second month.

This having been said, even in a people company, I see no reason to answer most emails. We got real and put together a process for answering emails based on big data, not some silly "people" slogan. 

I asked Ms Cynthia Axe (Early Bird Retirement) and Hugh White (the white heterosexual who runs diversity)  to do some data mining to figure out which emails need and don't need an answer from someone of my rank and station. 
I did some rework on their shabby recommendations and I am proud to present my new email policy policy, in line with my core values of "updated policies".

Emails to be answered:
Emails to be ignored:
  • Inquiries from job seekers
  • Wailing emails from rejected candidates who want to know why we have not yet contacted them with an answer.
  • Nasty HR managers who challenge my thought leadership.
  • OD vendors who send me useless crap with empty slogans. OD is dead.

PS This is not the last time I will use the term data mining.

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