Sunday, 1 March 2015

More than 3 corporate values cause confusion and lack of focus.

Three is better than five. Trois. Mais oui

As we end the first quarter, it is clear that we need to consolidate floor space, costs and head count. This wow wow consolidation will enable growth in 2021. The only thing we will not consolidate is the amount big data and sloganeering about Internet of Things.

HR has many wow tools to consolidate, two of which are Ms Axe's Early Bird Retirement Plan and our core values. This post is about values in service of consolidation.

Values (holy and sacred) are one of the key strategic tools of HR. 
We have all of our 5 key values plastered all over elevators, in English and other tribal languages. We even have one poster in Russian and French, neither of which are the languages of global business.

In order to lead consolidation by example, HR will trim the number of values from five to three. 
Three values appear more eloquent, more resilient and more sustainable than five.
"People company" will be included as a one of the three values  but will be renamed as "engagement driven people company".

Our other 2 values are

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  1. I thought only American post offices used 'engagement' anymore. That's why wedding planners are going out of business, too.