Thursday, 19 February 2015

Two years of Gloria

2 years! Mais oui!

Today this blog is two years old.

At the time that the blog was launched,  I was slavishly loyal to my CEO Stan, I was a superb administrator and a master of sloganeering. Which was why I was appointed as HR VP in the first place.

In the last two years, I acquired other skills in the area of big data, internet of things, analytics and human spare-part supply chain management.

And as I shared my skills and ideas with you my readers, I received recognition in the form of re-tweets, guest appearances in various professional newspapers, and even personal emails. Daily. Some of my admirers are real live nerds!

I love to hoard my success and share my failure but today is an exception. I want to say thank you.

Thanks to the 4000 people who read this blog daily. And a special thanks to those who read the blog and don't get angry, like HR managers in such remote places as Bangalore, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and London England....and I even have a reader from far away Denmark!

Thanks to Comrade Carl Marks, our  internet of things chief nerd, who made a product so faulty that even greasing palms in the third world does not promote sales.

And thanks to CEO Stan whose mixed messages make this blog possible.

Finally, without my useless staff, this blog would not be able to make anyone even smile. So, thanks to Cynthia Axe from Early Bird Retirement and Hugh White, the white heterosexual who runs Diversity.

Pierre Elliot my Dad would have been so proud of me.

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