Thursday, 29 January 2015

Striking a Balance between Disruptive and Resilient HR


When our CEO Stan called me to his room by bellowing instead of texting me, I had a feeling something may be on his troubled mind, as it were. An HR business partner needs the instincts of an alley cat, not only big data.

"Why the hell isn't your HR department disruptive, for Christ's sake, Gloria? Our own chief nerd, Comrade Carl Marks, did a brilliant and impromptu survey-HR came out  in last place in disruptiveness". 

I thought that sentence was the end of the storm. I was "un-right".  (HR managers are rarely wrong)

Stan continued, "Your blind and slavish loyalty does not impress me anymore, Gloria. You need to "turn everything upside down"...then he added "before I close down the whole HR shebang".

Clearly Stan was focused in his comments and I reflected on what he said, in line with my core value of reflection. 

I acknowledged the pertinence of Stan's feedback and
I immediately promised to build a "disruptiveness plan" by nightfall. Since I come from Canada, night starts rather early. However, Stan texted me a new message before I put our disruption plan together. "Gloria, please build a resilience plan using a change manager". Stan then added the cell number of his nephew, who just received his diploma in Change Management, Coaching, HRIS, Internet of Things, Herbal Therapy and Gardening.

PS - Ms Axe read this post and asked me (via text) the following question: "Glo, is employee severance in any way resilient?" 

Resilient severance

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