Tuesday 10 February 2015

Why do employees bite the hand that feeds them- on social media?

My Dad Pierre Elliot used to say that all dirty linen needs to be washed at home. I can only remember eight or nine times when Dad yelled at my mother to "shut the f-ck" up whilst we were in public. 

Steeped in the values of my family, I find it shocking that several of the nerds and geeks from Comrade Carl's Emerging Technology Group have taken to social media in order to make non wow comments about our firm. 

One particular web site called "Under the Sheets", which caters to "non-engaged big data nerds", really aggravated me when I read it. Here are a few tidbits, which is a posh word.
  • Sanjay 1: The overly obedient and under sophisticated ladies of HR kowtow to management, reminiscent of regimes like North Korea, Albania and many African republics.
  • Igor 2: Our management forces us all to speak English in con calls. Yet only a few Sales guys and the ladies of HR speak any English at all. Kibinimat. No one understands anything, and our product is a piece of shit. It makes me want to go home to the Ukraine.
  • Igor 3: Our management is awful. If I did not see it, I would not believe it. The only people who stay around here are people whose passport is kept in safe keeping by the ladies of HR.
  • Natasha 2: The ladies of HR in our company serve as politruks,   like the old guard in Russia!  The only difference is that the slogans are in English.
  • Malka 5: We "verk" too hard, and the only time I get a good nap is when I watch HR Talent Management webinars, commissioned from cost effective vendors who do not speak good English.
CEO Stan read Under the Sheets as well and he texted me, "Gloria, we need a motivational speaker and an engagement plan. By noon. Stan"

Then Stan's wife (Wifey) called me and asked me what I plan to do "if and when" I leave the company. Wifey added, "Stan is very disappointed with you, Gloria."

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