Wednesday, 26 November 2014

HR opens In-house coaching academy

Saving money, honey

2018 is less than a wow wow wow year. We will all need to "tighten our belts", said CEO Stan, which is a term Dad used to use all the time after Mom went on a shopping spree. In those days, there was no big data, just a bill from Simpsons (La Baie).

So I decided to cut our coaching expenses.

In 2017, we have spent $600 on coaching. Ms Axe has a reputation coach and Comrade Carl Marks hired a Ukrainian coach to help him understand a Scottish accent. I signed on the invoices in a moment of weakness. 

In 2018, there shall be no coaching budget whatsoever. However, always resourceful, I have opened an in-house coaching academy. As a matter of fact, I opened it last week. The academy certified all our staff to become coaches. This was done in one day.

The academy offered 2 level of coaching certificates.

1-EC (expert coach)
2-CC (chief coach). I am CC and at this time, I have no deputies, as it were.

The certification process for both levels took 5 minutes, including zenga zenga expertise.

Everyone at EC level learnt to ask three questions:

1-What are your goals?
2-What do you plan to do?
3-How can I support you?
I know that this is tough, but it seems people pick it up easily.

Last week I handled one case myself. I had to be creative, as it were, because I was surprised.

Svetlana from Engineering answered the first question saying, "I want to be the Pope".
I replaced question 2 with "Are you Catholic"?
"No", she replied, "My mother is Russian Orthodox but atheist and my father is Jewish".
Then I told young Svetlana that we have no budget to help her convert.
This is called "alignment of expectations coaching." Only CC level coach can do that.

One  final comment:
  1. I am hiring coaches to coach my coaches. The price is $150 an hour. Just to be clear-you pay me! There are so many coaches that I am "leveraging" market conditions, as it were.

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