Saturday, 22 November 2014

My mother and Holacracy

Smarten up, Girl, my Dad used to say

Ever since I have crowned as the First Lady of HR, I have a moral obligation to spread the key elements of basic HR tenets, as it were. Today I will discuss the "5 basic  principles of HR". 

Each and every morning, when I wake and before I open my Blackberry Passport, I ask myself 5 questions in a 20 second HR mindfulness session:

These are the  questions that I ask myself, daily. I suggest you do the same.

1) Do people trust me as HR manager and love me? 
2) Is our health plan fair? 
3) Do I lobby for the people, to ensure that “people” are factored into the decision making of the business leaders?
4) Am I willing to confront my boss and "speak truth to power ?"
5) Am I an advocate of compliance based business ethics? 
6) Is it worth placing a bet on holacracy?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then there are several courses of corrective action:

Gather some big data about what life would be like with no salary. (I cannot ever fathom this; I want to buy a new Prius next year.)
Hire a cost effective coach to “rewire” you with success, i.e., transactional HR. Please email me directly for a link.
Consider self-help. Gather big data about why you always position yourself as a loser. Then as my Dad used to say, “Smarten up, Girl".

Sorry for the short post, but my Mother who is losing her memory just called. She keeps asking me "are you still working in Manpower down there in the States? Come home Gloria, and do something more creative". And "Gloria, why are you still single? You need to find someone Gloria. What is this holacracy all about? "

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