Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The canine metaphor

Whilst I want to tap into my employees'  limited talent, I do not want them to feel "too good", which would make them ask for more money. 

Thus, while I do not keep my employees on a short leash, the canine metaphor is not irrelevant. Par exemple:

CEO Stan, Hugh White (Diversity) and I met in the parking lot. Hugh looked so White in the morning sun.

Stan spoke to Hugh without asking my permission: "So White, if the Scots leave Britain, will you get rid of that Scot who works at the switchboard, whose accent is incomprehensible? I suggest you do that Hugh, and hire someone from England. After all, England will become a very small country, and being English may become a "disability" with a Northern neighbour like Scotland. For Christs sake, I read that the Scots will abandon the English language altogether".

White (Hugh) froze and looked at me. Hugh knows that all dialogue with senior management must be channelled through me, in line with my core value of power preservation.

I need to think how I want to guide White and manage his talent, as it were. 
(I do not know too much about Scotland;
I regret not having paid attention to Mr Blanc, my history teacher. He always looked at me and said, "Gloria, don't sit there like a bump on a log`.)

Anyway, I will continue to develop's Hugh White's skills and eventually I will enable him to deal with Stan directly. Or with Stan's replacement.

I slept in History Class but I am a thought leader in HR

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