Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Managing diverse talents

Post Stan

Whilst I want to tap into my employees'  limited talent, I do not want them to feel "too good", which would make them ask for more money. 

Thus, while I do not keep my employees on a short leash, the canine metaphor is not irrelevant. Par exemple:

CEO Stan, Hugh White (Diversity) and I met in the parking lot. Hugh looked so White in the morning sun.

Stan spoke to Hugh without asking my permission: "So White, if the Scots leave Britain, will you get rid of that Scot who works at the switchboard, whose accent is incomprehensible? I suggest you do that Hugh, and hire someone from England. After all, England will become a very small country, and being English may become a "disability" with a Northern neighbour like Scotland. For Christs sake, I read that the Scots will abandon the English language altogether".( I do not know too much about Scotland;
I regret not having paid attention to Mr Blanc, my history teacher. He always looked at me and said, "Gloria, don't sit there like a bump on a log`.)

White (Hugh) froze and looked at me. Hugh knows that all dialogue with senior management must be channelled through me, in line with my core value of power preservation.

I need to think how I want to guide White and manage his talent, as it were. 

I slept in History Class but I am a thought leader in HR

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