Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HR and data from the police


In his monthly expense report, which I seldom review, Comrade Carl Marks (R&D manager) asked for reimbursement for a traffic violation.

Ever since the release of our newest product and its collapse upon installation at customer sites, Carl has been bragging that the product is a pearl, and claims that all we need is a service manager to sort things out, which is a British term. However Comrade Carl is under pressure.

Although I tend to mind my own business, I do know that Comrade Carl partakes of Cannabis and there are empty bottles of vodka on his bookcase-a non wow way to cope with pressure, says my pro bono coach.

A former suitor of mine works for the police, in Big Data and Statistics. I "bumped" into him and asked if he could tell me what the misdemeanor was. (I was sure that Comrade Carl was Driving Under Influence.)

My acquaintance told me that Comrade Carl was waiting at a stop light, with Russian music blasting on his radio. However that is not misdemeanor.
On Carl's car was a slogan, 
"HR should be decimated, eliminated and crushed, like the German army at Stalingrad." 
Comrade Carl was fined for "inciting hatred."

My police contact is very creative in the way he still pursues me. Mais oui.

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