Thursday, 17 July 2014

Working under fire

Ms Axe given a week vacation

Hugh White, always with the Underdog

Some of our remote offices are working under fire, as it were.
My mother Constance always uses the term as it were. For example, she always says to me "you were Dad's girl, as it were".

Caucasian and sexually-straight Hugh White from Diversity sent me an email stating that HR must reach out to accommodate people stressed out by what he calls "political developments". (Politics bores me, but if and when I date, I need to put up with political yak yak, as it were).

There are many ways whereby HR can assist people working under fire. 
1-Ms Cynthia Axe, our downsizing diva, is sent home for a week, and will fire people by text only in areas not under fire, which appears to be a contradiction.
2-There is a great webinar in Russian called "Working Under Stress" from World War Two; it was filmed in old Stalingrad. I am looking for a budget to get English subtitles.
3-The HR voice menu will be changed. "If you are under stress, press 7 and then, enter your security code which you can download from our website, which is in the final stages of completion." Callers will be transferred to an attendant, who is learning English.

RH sait faire.

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