Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to avoid age discrimination yet get rid of old timers

CEO Stan studied the speeches of the world's greatest motivators and righteous leaders, men of vision, like Sultan Erdoğan from Turkey, King Netanyahu from Greater Israel, Comrade Putin from Mother Russia Crimea, Haled Mashal from a Gaza tunnel and great leader Kim Jong Un.   Un is a French word, but not in this context.

At the hands-on meeting, Stan spoke for 3 short hours. He whipped up lots of enthusiasm using religion, history, cloud, blockchain and big data. Here are the main points, in line with my core value of brevity. 

  • The eyes of HR staff, which sat in row 1, were damp with tears. I wore sun glasses. 
  • In row 2, Finance folks jotted down the numbers. 
  • In row 3-8, Comrade Carl Marks' staff of engineering foreigners read newspapers in their tribal languages, but applauded, although they do not speak English. 
  • The Sales folks did not show up due to customer meetings.
  • Stan was eyeing rows 8-30, where our over 50 crowd sits. Some dozed, some nodded, and some yawned incessantly. Hugh White, the white heterosexual who runs Diversity, was asked by Stan to "wake up the "old timers". 

After the meeting, Stan call me to his office. "Gloria, find out when these old farts plan to retire. We need some new blood, for Christ's sake!"
(Dad used that expression (for Christ sake, Constance) every time he yelled at Mom),

I asked CEO Stan a question of clarification, but he did not listen. 
Stan was staring at 2 pictures on his wall; one of Erdogen's navy blue suit and the second of Netanyahu's light blue tie.

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