Friday, 25 July 2014

AI makes me excited

AI makes me excited

The words "artificial intelligence" has been uttered more than any other buzzword during the past week by our nerds. More than "big data".

Without appearing frantic, I updated my domain expertise on AI, assisted by my brothers Frank and Ernest Ramsbottom.

Immediately I "migrated the knowledge" that my brothers gave me to the HR domain, supported by a certain Hugh White from Diversity, who takes a night course on "Diversity, Sexuality, Coughing and AI". 

Hugh, who is loonier than a $3 bill, still brings me value in the crunch, as it were. I have started to make massive use of the term "as it were".

I have decided that within a week, all HR services will be AI based, (unless there is sabotage.)  

How this will be achieved is a technical matter that bores me. 

Cynthia Axe will lead the way with  an AI based application to dismiss staff and improve morale simultaneously. Axe is looking for the appropriate AI enabled cloud. Hugh White, the straight white boy who runs Diversity, will ensure that the clouds are not all white.

I have informed my staff that this is a daily strategic priority, at least for the next week.

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