Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Cognitive Disabilities

Hugh wants to waste budget

Our CEO met  the Head of Diversity, Hugh White, in the elevator. Hugh is white and straight.
CEO Stan gave White some strategic direction:

"White my boy, do some work to improve the cognitive capabilities of our nerds. The fucking product is a mess. And we need to integrate into Internet of Things! Budget is not an issue; just get Gloria to sign off".

Hugh told CEO Stan that many of our nerds do not speak good English and needed language training. 
Stan muttered, "Maybe I need to fire that Ramsbottom bitch". 
My guess is that Stan is frustrated.

I do know that there are people who are experts in cognitive capabilties, but they do not work for free. Which they should, in my humble opinion.

I must be honest that I do not know a lot about cognitive disabilities, except for two (deux) examples-my sister Claire Ramsbottom who is a total mess.  US born and bred R&D Chief Comrade Carl Marks speaks with a Russian accent  an apparent psychiatric disorder, as it were.

I have been using "as it were" quite frequently.

Btw, if we are speaking about accents, I love British accents most of all. MUST sexier than Russian.


  1. Glo,

    I am so charmed that you mention me, but I must ask --- do YOU work for free??

  2. Mais non. I am in HR and VERY senior.