Sunday, 8 June 2014

Contingency Plans are more important than big data

Inspiring names

Wifey, the wife of our CEO Stan, sent me a text: 

"Gloria, Stan and I agreed that the names of the conference rooms need to be more inspiring-text me some suggestions; Stan wants this to be done on Monday morning, so put this on priority; WE are waiting for your suggestions. Wifey."

Wifey must know that I have no priority list. I am in HR, and handle texts all at once and one by one, in line with my core values of responsiveness and HR business partnership.

I had already prepared a contingency plan for changes like this, which I sent to Wifey, in a timely fashion.

  Stan's Conference Room: The Worldly American

  HR Conference Room:     The Vatican

  Sales Conference Room:  Ground Zero  

  R&D Conference Room:    English Only SVP

  Accounts Payable Room:   Greek Treasury 

  Ms Cynthia Axe's Room:    Chambre Defarge Room

Hugh White from Diversity registered his objections to the name of HR conference room.

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