Sunday, 4 May 2014

I plan to detox myself from some technology

My skirt is not  wearable technological-stop looking!

Sometimes I feel that I should be in Finance, so that I toy with numbers and not with people. (My father, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, used to claim that financial analysts are "a band of thieves, ciboire".)

HR buzzwords like  cloud based technology and HR analytics are taking their toll on me. But as long as I am the first lady of HR, I need to follow the trends, so to speak.
  • Did you know that "Wearable Technology" may replace big data and internet of things as an HR buzzword in 2016? 
  • During last week, 88% of our staff  used the term "big data" 12 times by Friday noon, whilst only 14% has mentioned the term "wearable technology."
  • However,"wearable technology" was up 77% on the previous week, and "big data" registered a 2.3% fall in the frequency of use. The reintroduction of the drachma was factored in.

Last week, there was an "Expo" of wearable technology and I went there "after hours". I happened to see Mr Hugh White from Diversity looking at a shirt that which makes him look Scandinavian Chinese and then Afro American, changing back and forth every 10 seconds; I also spotted a certain Ms Cynthia Axe trying to have an "axe" built into her arm.

For the record, Hugh White is Caucasian and Cynthia Axe goes sleeveless.

I wandered by the Blackberry store. I did see the new white Blackberry Classic, however I did not enter the Blackberry store; technology can become too addictive. The French are beginning to understand this. 

I plan to become a spiritual type. I may plan to detox myself from technology "en France".

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