Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A mid size portion of employee engagement, (well done)

                                                                            Downloaded to Axe (Cynthia)

CEO Stan was informed by our key client that our employees providing technical support "appear not to be engaged". Stan updated me by text; Stan views the lack of engagement as big data, (hugh f--king data, Gloria, were his exact words.)

Here is some background. Last month, as part of aligning our cost structure with 2019 growth, pizzas were eliminated for the technical support group, the location of their parking lot "aligned" with better physical fitness, and their "talent management" was reshaped to focus on auto-didactic methods.

I asked Stan whether or not he wanted HR to "engage" the employees in technical support. Stan replied: "I support a mid size portion of employee engagement, well done, Ms Gloria; there is no one better than you to engage staff in a cost-effective manner. I suggest some intrinsic motivation as well. Does HR have an intrinsic motivation package on hand? Make it happen, Gloria. And move quickly. The customer is all over me."

I left Stan's office determined to be creative. Strangely, I found this difficult. My Dad, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, used to tell me "Glo, mon petit chou, not everyone can be creative. You have the ambition of 5 people."

But then I remembered the engagement monkey.

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