Thursday, 20 March 2014

Questions and answers: Gloria interviewed on Public Radio

I am a culture vulture

I have always loved public radio. My Dad Pierre Elliot used to listen to the CBC; he would often call me to his room, saying "Gloria come and listen; pick up some culture, for Christ's sake". So when Public Radio asked me for an interview (thanks to my thought leadership as well as someone I know who is hot on my tail, as it were), I was more than happy to stop texting my sister to answer 5 (cinq) brief questions.

1) What's your opinion vis a vis (French) firing people by Skype?

Gloria: I think that from a IT perspective, texting is more reliable.

2) If you could give advice to people who want to start a career in HR, what would it be?

Gloria: Whilst driving a car, practice blinking to the right but turning to the  left. In other words, love and respect people, in the framework of business leadership.

3) What about texting whilst driving?

Gloria: In HR, doing is thinking. And you need to do things all the time. Speed is strategy. There are plenty of people who sell good insurance against accidents, and texting with a Samsung 9 is easy.

Question: What's your cut on big data?

Gloria: For heaven sake, you have answered your own question! Big Data is HR, because it is so au courant. This is a French term. And the use of a French word, coupled (not sexually) with the term big data, is so arousing that all the folks "at the table" admire me.... except for Comrade Carl Marks, whom we have agreed will not be mentioned in this interview. 

5) What type of HR people do you hire?

Gloria: I am constantly searching for highly motivated people with no career aspirations, who can text on 3 phones simultaneously. Speed is the essence. All my staff must review a résumé (that's French) in 6 seconds, and be able to fire 10 people an hour.

Merci Gloria Lemieux!

Gloria: Mon plaisir!

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