Thursday, 6 March 2014

Interns in HR: suggested major focus

Keeping the snake occupied

The "search" for an internal OD, Talent Manager and Training manager has commenced and I have received some semi wow comments on the job description I issued. 

This morning at 9 am,  a certain intern named Samuel Snake appeared in my office. Samuel is the son-in-law of our Chairman, Ed Montpetit-Maplewood. Samuel's first words to me were: 
"A votre service, Ma'am. I heard you are a Canadian. What is my focus for today?"

My initial observation was that young Mr Snake, who is 10 years younger than me, was gawking at my legs. Another observation was "here is a hungry intern whose ambitions needs to be controlled."

My instructions to Snake (Samuel) were crystal clear. I am quoting myself verbatim, which is not a French word.
  • *Although you are the only employee in Internal OD and Training, you are not the acting manager."
  • *Commission pro bono webinars of 90 seconds each on "Japanese Business Culture", "HR Business Partnership" and "Being Positive, Cheer-leading and Rah Rahing".
  • *Update me hourly, to ensure I do not need to micromanage you."
  • *Issue 5 "requests for purchase" from training vendors every week; please demand detailed answers (including tools) from vendors and post their detailed answer  onto our "Knowledge Management Database".

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