Saturday, 15 March 2014

Green Card Issues-We almost pass a government audit!

Keeps passports in his desk drawers.

The Immigration Department issued us a "minor" fine and Mr Hugh White (who heads our Diversity Department) is now visiting in the county jail. 
His wife Mrs Ludmilla White (nee Molotov) claims he is in jail.

I am a senior HR director and I do not delve into minute details. 

It appears that one of our employees who was liberated last week by Ms Cynthia Axe (Early Bird Retirement) wanted to return to his tribal homeland; when he reached the airport to go home to Lahore (which is not the French word for hooker), he did not have his passport.

The former employee (who I wanted to see as a good will ambassador)  said that "all passports are kept in the drawer of his former employer R&D Chief, Comrade Carl Marks". One thing led to another as soon HR was dragged into the picture.

The investigators asked Diversity Chief Hugh White "what the fuck is going on with the employees' passports"?. Hugh White hemmed and hawed and ended up visiting the slammer.

Where do I stand on this issue? I am not sure it is an HR matter but for the record, my policy on passports is clear. A passport is a travel document and it is very important that you look good in your passport photograph. 
Comrade Carl Mark's policy is "youp tvou mat", if you allow employees to keep their passports, we may never release a product."

Cynthia Axe is going to get a piece on my mind. I told that mindless cow to return passports upon liberating our employees. 

My weekend was ruined springing young Hugh from the slammer.

Axe is a dumb cow


  1. Not sure that even you, Gloria, should joke about a common method of human trafficking and labor exploitation. You could get deported from somewhere or the machine could stop reading your iris. Leaving your fingerprints on file, even in a machine at Trudeau (that's an airport) is never a good idea.

    1. I know Trudeau is an airport. My dad, Pierre Eliot, used to pass thru there on the way back home to Moose Jaw.