Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My new coaching module: texting and driving seamlessly

Lost my quarterly  bonus-j'men calice

 I shall be moonlighting over the next few days- I will be doing end to end, specialized and speed coaching for HR managers in the following areas:-
  1. Sycophant Enhancement for HR managers who are too dedicated to "people".
  2. Creative  Downsizing for HR managers who need to fire people en masse (French) and maintain a wow wow wow work environment. (3 wows)
  3. Texting whilst Driving for HR managers who want to improve their own work work work work life balance.
  4. Firing by Text and via Skype for HR managers who want to enhance their use of technology to creative a high tech environs, which is also a French word.
  5. Thought leadership in HR for those HR managers who want to promulgate my ideas. I learnt the P word in Senior Secretary Academy in Montreal.
  6. Use of legs to get attention for those HR managers interested in Influence Peddling.

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  1. Mai Oui ! יומולדת שמח, גלוריה

  2. Mai oui ! יומולדת שמח, גלוריה