Saturday, 7 December 2013

Reverse Mentoring Introduced by Comrade Carl Marks

Ms Axe knows her place in the pecking order

Chief Big Data Nerd,  Comrade Carl Marks, was reading an article in a Russian or Albanian magazine about "Reverse Mentoring". 
(I limit my reading to English/French language text messages).

Reverse Mentoring is a process whereby the younger staff impart their knowledge and skills to the management in brief mentoring session. 
Supposedly, this keeps the younger staff engaged, as it were.
My father, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom, would have called this a crock of you-know-what.

The issue of Reverse Mentoring got out of hand when Comrade Carl sent the article to Wifey, Stan's overly energetic wife. Carl had translated the article into English.

Wifey loved the article. Wifey texted husband-CEO Stan: "Stanley-introduce Reverse Mentoring this week, you useless lout-Wifey" (I have notice that Wifey is losing her patience with our CEO). 

Stan texted me: "Gloria, introduce Reverse Mentoring within two days and complete the project in a week! Stan".

I sat with the younger members of my HR crew who will serve as mentors' mentors (straight white boy Hugh White-Diversity and Cynthia Axe-Early Bird Retirement) and we highlighted 3 key messages for reverse mentoring sessions:

1) HR business partnership is user friendly, almost discrete and more valuable than Big Data.
2) Texting during meeting is not rude; texting is communication.
3) Frequent use of TLTR, "too long to read" on long documents is ok, because it slows us down.

Hugh wanted to add a "tint of ethnicity" to the above messages whilst a certain Ms Cynthia Axe wanted to "restate the value" of Involuntary Early Retirement. 
I nixed both ideas,  and put Hugh and Cynthia in their place as junior members of my HR team.

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