Sunday, 8 December 2013

HR manager meets with furious Chairman of the Board-and gets vague guidelines.

Getting scolded comes with the territory, but I can hardly sit down.

The distinguished Chairman of our Board, the honourable
Ed Montpetit-Maplewood, and I just had a semi pleasant phone call. I used my Blackberry Q 30 and he used his Iphone 5.

It appears that Diversity Chief Hugh White had snitched/informed our chairman that a robot may be deployed to fire staff, some of whom are Asian, European, Russian, Middle Eastern, Quebecois and Scotch.

Our Chairman has ethnic connections with Quebec.

Here is a clarification of an earlier post about the use of robots to downsize:

  • Immature Products loves its staff. Our chairman feels untamed lust when he thinks about the Human Resources of our company, including those who speak English, Russian and Scotch as their native tongue.

  • The Chairman views Cynthia Axe's Involuntary Early Bird Retirement plan in the framework of "social justice" and sustainability, looking to our 2019 growth plan.

  • Technology-enabled HR business practices need to be both tactical and strategic, which appears to me to be rather vague.

  • The Chairman has guided Chief People Officer Gloria Ramsbottom-Lemieux to be strategic, global, and sustainable, in line with our core values.

  • The Chairman warns Gloria and her overzealous down-sizer Ms Axe to base all decisions on Big Data, as well as innocuous facts.

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