Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Dress Code needed as Cynthia flashes cleavage

I need to keep abreast of developments

As if I did not have enough issues, I have received 3 emails about dress code.

The first email related to the cleavage displayed by a certain Ms Cynthia Axe. The email was sent by a nerd who was asked to join the Early Bird Retirement Plan, who claimed that due to the cleavage issue, he could not comprehend the value of the joining the Early Bird Retirement Plan which Ms Axe was attempting to axe-plain.

The second email came to me anonymously; however I know that the lecher and Chief nerd Comrade Carl Marks, sent the email to our boggling CEO Stan. Carl claimed that "Gloria's exposed stems" distracted him in management meetings. 

The third email came to me via Diversity Chief, Hugh White. Hugh claimed that some of the born again folks feel threatened by the tight jeans that some our Russian female engineers wear. Hugh did not stipulate the ethnicity or sexual preference of the born again folks, so I ask myself, why do I need a Diversity Manager?

I may  start working on a dress code (once I get big data). The dress code will be consistent with our core values, which are updated weekly. I will keep the Caucasian Diversity Chief Hugh White in the loop, but I will curtail his (waning) influence. 

I shall instruct Ms Axe to keep abreast of people's sensitivities, whatever that means.

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