Wednesday, 11 December 2013

People is our middle name

I got indigestion
A scathing article in "The Star"was published today, castigating our CEO Stan for firing "his dedicated staff in an indiscriminate fashion".

The journalist had good sources. She was aware that whilst I lobby for the human resource, Stan our CEO and a certain Ms Cynthia Axe (who heads HR's Early Bird Retirement Plan) are in constant "cahoots" to reshape our not so firm firm.

Stan and I had an urgent lunch to discuss our re-ax-tion to the article. To be accurate, Stan had lunch and I got indigestion.

Stan told me that "by the end of the week, Gloria R. Lemieux, we are a people company! Do you f-----g hear me? (Many decent god fearing Americans read this blog, so I cannot spell the F word.)

Making our firm into a People Company requires good PR. So I shot off the following text to "all" our regular employees, and asked Hugh White from Diversity to forward the text/sms to all irregular employees.
Stan reiterates we are a People Company. Stan loves each and every one of you, even the engineers who are not performing and the depressed Sales team, and the G&A free-lunchers. N-axt week, Friday will be People Day. Our mission statement and core value of the week is: Stan is not deceitful; he loves all our people. Signed, Gloria, Chief People Officer

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