Thursday, 14 November 2013

Whilst running an errand for Stan in the Cayman Islands

My Blackberry Q10  worked well in Georgetown

Today, I an errand for Stan; I flew down to to the Cayman Islands in the morning and returned this evening. I took my Blackberry Q10 with me; I had a roaming package. When I returned, a text message awaited me:
"Thanks for being a business partner; love ya -Stan".

Whilst in the Cayman Islands, I visited our Georgetown office and I was shocked that many of staff have the same family name. This may be global, but it is not sustainable. I was at a loss what to do, and I texted my coach. See the end of this post.

Here are the names of the folks in the Cayman Office:

  • Stan Ebanks, Country Manager
  • Carl Ebanks, Head of R&D
  • Gloria Ebanks-Lemieux, Chief People Officer
  • Cynthia Ebanks, Head of Early Bird Retirement
  • Vlad Ebanks, liaison with Russian team
  • Sanjay Ebanks, liaison with Indian team
  • Moishe Ebanks, liaison with Israeli team
  • Mohammed Ebanks, liaison with Cairo team
  • Stephanie Ebanks, liaison to Sicilian team
  • K Ray Beauregard-Ebanks, Chef for Stan Ebanks
This is what I texted/sms my coach, and his timely reply.

  • "Coach, everyone has the same family name in Grand Cayman-Glo"
  • "Glo, things are only what you perceive they are-Coach"

Running an errand for Stan = true business partnership

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