Saturday, 16 November 2013

Comrade Carl Marks-appointed as Head of Social Responsibility

An organizational announcement, and an editorial

Carl Marks, SVP  R&D and heinous womanizer, was appointed today  SVP of Social Responsibility of our firm Immature Products. Comrade Carl will continue to manage R&D, which he does with lack of d-axe-terity.

Carl studied Engineering when I studied Coaching and Change Management.
To the delight of Hugh White from Diversity, Carl speaks English, no French and some Russian, which is no longer a global language; his fourth wife was Jewish and his present wife (#7) is from Lahore.

Religious institutions will not benefit from Carl's  appointment. Carl is a shameless atheist, as per our devout switchboard operator, who answers "Thank the Lord, you have reached Immature Products". 

Carl's role in Social Responsibility is presently being "carved out",whatever that means. (My suggestion is that Carl donates both kidneys.)

Carl Marks was born and bred and fed and some day, he will be dead with these two roles.

Let us bow our heads and wish him success.

Gloria Ramsbottom and the HR Crew (Cynthia Axe, Hugh White and Sarah Barracuda)

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