Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nerds ask for post trauma expert

Our vendors need to work in a barter arrangement, even the more famous ones
The internet of things nerds and geeks burst into my room today. Many of these nerds had foreign accents, and it was hard to understand what their "beefwas. 

I managed to grasp that the nerds claim that Comrade Carl has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I told the nerds that he was Marxist-ist, nor Narc-sist.

They demanded that HR hire  a leading diversity consultant to "better manage the limitations of chief nerd Comrade Carl Marks". The nerds also asked me why the Head of Diversity is a White boy named Hugh White.

Because 40% of the readers of this blog are politically correct White liberal Americans, I cannot mention what the nasty nerds also said about our dear CEO, Stan. For some strange reason, they know about his hemorrhoid affliction.

I gave the nerds some coaching (90 second sessions) and I plan to invite a certain agile diversity expert Madelaine Sayko to consult with Comrade Carl Marks and Stan, if she is willing to work in a deferred  barter arrangement.

I asked Hugh White how HR can defend the hue of his skin.


  1. Does Ms. Sayko get a seat at the table?

  2. It takes years to get a seat at the table. Does she text 400 words a minute on two phones?