Monday, 4 November 2013

"Stop looking at my legs, Carl"

                 Focus on your work, Carl

Comrade Carl Marks, the decrepit  lecher who heads R&D stopped by my cubicle as I was managing corporate communication on my Blackberry Priv via Whatsapp.

The comrade gawked at my legs; I was overwhelmed with the complexity of the sms/text I was composing, so I did not notice at first. (My gym teacher Mr Johannes Johannson used to tell me that "no one can outdo you in the leg department, Miss Ramsbottom).  

When I finally picked up my head and  glanced at Carl, I called him a "filthy pig" (in French and English)  and lanced Cynthia's spare axe at him, but he was unscathed. (Cynthia has 3 axes.) 

Corporate life and maintaining my seat at the table is hard enough as it is, without been dissed by colleagues.

Dad, Pierre Elliot, used to tell me not to flaunt my legs. I don't. But I don't hide them, from an HR perspective.

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With special thanks to Nicole


  1. Glo - it is very astute of you to recognize the global nature of birthdays, and the sustainability of mission critical information.

    As to your legs and the gawking Mr. Marks ......

  2. Such things can usually be avoided if ALL parties behave and dress professionally.

  3. I am very professional. I can text 400 words a minute-on 2 phones.