Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Lord gave us anger

Carl is smoking an electronic cigarette

The other day, R&D big data  chief Carl Marks, gawked at my legs. 

My father, Pierre Elliot Ramsbottom used to say to my Mom "let bygones be bygones, Constance", so I quickly put aside the pent up rage, fury and anger I felt when that filthy lecher Comrade Carl looked my stems. But I do hold a minor grudge, mind you.

I happened to spot Comrade Carl with an electronic cigarette both in the men's room and in a meeting room. 

This highly offensive and despicable  behaviour is not like gawking at my legs like a horny swine.  Electronic cigarettes need to be re-charged more often than a Blackberry Priv, and this can drive up our utilities bill. Furthermore, all of Carl's non-English speaking employees adore him and may pick up all his foul habits, like smoking e-cigarettes and looking at my legs.

I texted CEO Stan:

"That swine Carl smokes e cigarettes all over; please stop this asap by edict"....and soon I got an answer.

"Lay off Gloria; Comrade Carl thinks the world of you-Stan".

As I read Stan's answer, I was fuming. So I spoke to our receptionist here who is "born again". As a matter of fact, she answers the phone she says, "praise the Lord,how can I help you, God willing"
When she heard my story, she told me that anger is something the Lord gave us.
I cannot say that I found that insight very useful.

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