Friday, 1 November 2013

Re-branding of involuntary retirement at 40

The new and improved Ms Axe

Ms Axe (Cynthia) and her personal reputation coach have been working on the global re-branding of the semi popular Early Bird Retirement Plan to uplift her sagging image. The focus is on giving a Swedish touch of liberal humanism to involuntary retirement at the age of forty.

Axe's reputation coach used to flip burgers and do some faith healing. 
Subsequently,  he became a certified coach in an online university. He adds "CCC" after his name-ie, Chartered Certified Coach. Ms Axe is one of his first clients.

Based on input from the wow-wow coach, the re-branded Global Early Bird Retirement Plan will get a brand new mission statement, cool, new core values and 3 spanking new visionary goals.

  • Mission Statement: Free time in your prime
  • Core Values: Fun, Gratification 
  • 3 spanking new Visionary Goals: Wow, wow wow, wow-wow-wow (6 wows)

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