Monday, 7 October 2013

Wifey reads a new book

Wifey just picked up an OD book called Change for the Better: The Leader's Guide for Change.

This book was written by a certain Terrence Seamon. His has an H between Terrence and Seamon, which I will pass over. (Passover is a Jewish holiday).

Wifey texted Stan, her husband and our CEO: "Stanley, read this global book by tonight and have a certain Carl Marks from R&D read it also-and have Gloria summarize it and text the precis to all. Due date 1800 today-Wifey". Precis is  French word.

Luckily, I had  read this book. Axe is preparing a summary based on the text I sent her.

I stumbled upon this Seamon chap when I was looking for a job and I read his global book "The Job Seekers Guide to Success". Chap is a work that Brits use.

I read 2 books a year. That is plenty for an HR manager. 
The rest of my reading material is text messages (sms), whatsupp, viber, and MMS's. I send 30,000 texts a day. 

Now Terrence Seamon does not recommend managing by text message, but I plan to write to him about this "delivery mechanism" of change.

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