Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Internet of Everything causes unwanted pregnancies.

Service which is untamed lust

In last night's feature, the  Technology Affairs reporter labelled our love of clients as "Untamed Lust".

The reporter said: "Internet of everything may be an emerging technology that does not work, but their customer service is great.The average waiting time for a service call is one hour, but their clients wait quietly in line. The mission of their call centre is No Quickies."

(I deny any carnal relationship with this reporter as of late.) 

I was so pleased when I watch the program that  I stopped texting when I watched the TV report. I underwent 5 minutes of digital detox.

5 of our customer service agents have had semi wowish "unwanted" pregnancies since our "Lust for the Customer" campaign started. This is big data.

R&D chief Comrade and IoE evangelist Comrade Carl Marks and  calls these pregnancies "collateral damage".  Carl added that "when dealing with internet of things, one or two girls being knocked up means little, statistically".

Merely collateral damage-Comrade Carl Marks


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