Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Human Resource Inventory Management

By 0300 am
CEO Stan sent me an sms/text message, our preferred venue of communication. 

"Gloria, since people are basically spare parts, prepare a benchmark tools of inventory management from supply chain team to develop the matrices of human resource inventory management by tomorrow afternoon-urgent. Stan"

I texted/smsed Stan"Coming up boss". After all, I am his HR business partner.

I texted  Axe (Cynthia) and Hugh White, the Caucasian heterosexual  who Heads our Diversity Department. Delegation is a critical skill for a senior HR manager.

"See text/sms from Stan. I need an answer by 0300 AM-Gloria" .

Ms Axe ignored my text, feigning stress due to downsizing overdose.

I got a text/sms from the uppity straight white boy, Hugh White, who heads my Diversity department. "I am currently unavailable; I appreciate the patronage of almost all minorities. I will revert to you. There are 689 people in line before you. Hugh."

Delegation problems

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