Thursday, 3 October 2013

Speed Coaching

Today, our CEO Stan got some speed coaching about how to deal with the semi wow feedback he is getting on our new software release.

Speed coaching is good for HR because the coach disappears quickly.

The cost effective speed coach used 1-2-3 methodology:
   1 minute to define the problem
   2 minutes to listen to the solution and 
   3 minutes to submit the invoice and hope to get paid

Here is a "blow by blow" description of the coaching, in line with my core values of "worshiping events which leave HR in control".

CEO Stan met with the coach at 8.00 am and by 8.04 am the speed coach was in his car on the way home, in no way challenging HR's dominance.

  • Stage One: Stan told the Coach that 3 clients have purchased our product which is unstable and has a negative user experience.
  • Stage Two: the speed coach spit out 3 action items:
          1-promise next release with better functionality 
          2-blame the client for being so demanding
          3-use the term "big data" liberally

  • Stage Three: Coaching vendor received deferred cheque.

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