Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hugh White and Blackberry 10

White only

Hugh is such a pain in the ass.

A certain heterosexual,  Huge White, the  Diversity Chief and nephew of Wifey (our CEO Stan's wife),  met without my knowledge, with Sarah Minnow-Barracuda, Head of Purchasing. 

Sarah is Hugh's peer; both report into me. Sort of.

Hugh subsequently  issued an email that "all Blackberries to be purchased will be white. If, in the future, Blackberry/RIM changes its name to Whiteberry, black models will be 'authorized' by Diversity".

I demanded last week that Hugh issue a 5 step get-well plan to stop covert racism. I texted him: "Hugh, is this the first proposal you make?-Gloria"

Hugh answered: "Glo ma'am, kindly refrain from micromanaging me; I am putting out fires. Wifey is in the picture-Hugh".

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