Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Stan, Carl Marks and Glo exchange emails-Stan bring Ms Axe into the picture

From: Stan
To: Carl Marks
CC: Glo, Winston Wu
Revert to Wifey by this evening about the link she sent you on Chinese Management Guidelines.
This is an order. Glo, follow thru.
PS. Winston, change Glo's access rights to allow her into R&D asap. And I mean asap, not this IT manana crap.

From: Carl
To: Stan
CC: Jenny Papapopolis-Otelini
Jenny is on top of it. Gloria's input is rubbish; she doesn't have half a brain.
Jenny will revert to Wifey within a few days.
And cool off, man.
Comrade Carl

To: Glo
CC: Cynthia Axe
Let's meet asap. Just let me run a few things by Carl's sponsor (his Uncle), Board Member Tim Buck.

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