Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pizza and politics

Comrade Carl Marks, ever so bizarre

Carl Marks, VP-Chief IoT nerd and his slovenly python team ordered in pizzas at 1700 (5pm). That is against company police-Y which allows pizzas from 2300 (11pm). The pizzas included anchovies, which is in line with our sacred values of anchovies for underpaid nerds.

Carl's folks sat around the table and discussed the Syrian crisis, which is against company policy, which limits discussion to work, work, work work, or work, unless we are not in a crisis mode. (We were last NOT in a crisis mode in 2001).

People spoke in Cantonese (as in Cantonese food), Russian, Ukrainian, Urdu, Putonghua, Chinese Shanghai dialect and Hebrew.

Comrade Carl Marks (born in  Spokayne) said that the US should bomb Syria until the Syrians agree to democratic elections, including the participation of the Syrian Communist Party. 

Did I mention that Comrade Carl is a democratic communist?

Our Ukrainian Big Data  team consisting of Igor, Igor, Igor, Vlad, Vlad and Svetlana all agreed that the US is already too weak to have any impact, whether they attack Syria or not. Igor suggested dropping a few bombs, but on Moscow.

The Chinese team members claimed Syria was too small to mean anything. The Chinese spoke so many dialects that I am not sure they were all on the same page.

The Israelis were against any intervention. They were also against non intervention. Each Israeli also disagreed with himself. They argued long into the night.

I was barred from the meeting, but I switched phones "by mistake" with a python engineer; on my phone, the speaker mode was enabled. One of our cleaning staff did the translating.

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